Bodily sensations are not emotions

Before you consider feeling a certain way about someone or something, consider if you just might be having your body tell you something, like you may be sick or just feeling a momentary discomfort or unbalance in it’s chemistry that gives you that feeling. Or you might be spiritual and think that the universe is … More

What about those who failed?

I am currently reading a book about how in order to succed you need to do everything 10 times more than the average person. Of course, that’s what the author did and worked for him and he has seen the same in other successful people. It is still unclear to me how he feels about … More


Have you ever noticed that everything changes when you look at an object from a different view point? Sometimes it changes dramatically. Have you ever thought that the same thing happens to ideas or feelings? Have you ever experienced the same idea or even feelings from different view points? Do you think you can choose … More

There is no right way to go…

While I was on vacation, contemplating the trees next to a waterfall, I remembered what I learned from nature in 2013 after spending 2 weeks on a natural park also contamplating the trees, and long since forgotten, is that the only way isn’t up, it’s any way that allows you to grow and trive. My … More


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About Me

My name is Sabina Stan. I am a visual artist based in Romania. I work with rope, paper and recycled aluminium cans and I can do just about anything (figurative or abstract) in the technique I use, which is an unconventional way of weaving.

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