What gender do you identify with?

Is it ok for this question to be asked at a job interview? It just struck me today that it is not because it is not important for the job. Unless you are an actor an need to play the role of a man/ woman… even though if you can play the role convincingly enough … More

Universal emotions

It is said there are 7 universal facial expressions of emotions: fear, anger, contempt, sadness, disgust, surprise and joy. I do think that we just feel good or bad or, more precisely, we feel comfort or discomfort, and everything else is just a variantion like hues to colors. Either way, we seem to have defined … More

Have you ever thought …

… that some people are just too nice? Too nice people make me cringe. I feel like they are fake. It is not natural to always be positive and nice. Yes, it is a choice, but at what cost? Sometimes it just bad. Own it, don’t fake it. Yet, sometimes it happenes that if someone … More

What would you do if …

…you would know you only have 6 months to live? Me? 1. Panic. Ofc. 2. Something stupid. Something I would normally not do because of future consequences or that I might need to explain later. 3. Pretty much what I would do anyway, except paying my bills 😂 Yes, I would still go to work … More


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About Me

My name is Sabina Stan. I am a visual artist based in Romania. I work with rope, paper and recycled aluminium cans and I can do just about anything (figurative or abstract) in the technique I use, which is an unconventional way of weaving.

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