The orange girl

It is quite often that I am told I should read this or that, but it is so very rare that I actually do. Depending on who makes the recommandation, I might start reading, but I will more often than not give up the book after I realize it isn’t for me or it isn’t … More

Invitation to meditate

Between 15th September 2021 and 2nd January 2022, MAC Lyon hosts six animation films from artist Christine Rebet, of which one was specifically created for this exhibition, Otolithe. Each animation film is displayed in a room specifically arranged to illustrate the cultural and ideological influence that led the artist to its creation and is accompanied … More

Versus 2021

Finally, I got to go to the concert I bought tickets for in 2019 for 2020. Happy happy joy joy … And yet… Background story: In 2019, I fell in love with my dove and was listening to Hola señorita by Maître Gims (and some other guy totally irrelevant). Deezer thought I might like Hasta … More

Stop telling people to smile to express hapiness…

…or to me at least. People should consider before saying that the following: – people that smile are not necessarily happy – people that do not smile are not necessarily unhappy – even if a person should be happy or smiling about something or you think they should, consider that you do not know what … More


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About Me

My name is Sabina Stan. I am a visual artist based in Romania. I work with rope, paper and recycled aluminium cans and I can do just about anything (figurative or abstract) in the technique I use, which is an unconventional way of weaving.

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