A Montmartre story

On my trip to Paris in June, I went to Montmartre looking for a painter I met four years ago and that has done my portrait which I love.What I realised going there was that he was really old, close to 70 years old and as you might expect he wasn’t in Montmartre anymore. Or maybe I missed him, but I went there twice on different days and different hours and most painters were the same ones.

However, the first time I went to Montmartre I missed an alley in the center of Terte square. Probably because I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Four years ago I saw Montmartre in March, at night and though there were a lot of people around, it was nothing compared to this.

When I finally decided to stick around and sit somewhere to draw I started to appreciate the inspiration that so many and so different people provide.

And I could walk around afterwards without feeling so disturbed by the crowd.

This allowed me to see Béro’s paintings and though I was caught up in a feminist drive to get something from one of the female painters there, I finally took one of his painting because they are so unique and beautiful and meaningful at the same time.

I am sorry I didn’t ask permission to take photos of his paintings. Not even the one I bought isn’t well photographed as it was a gift. He so deserves his art to be out there.

I love his unique style and the way he uses the emptyness to create the space like in Japanese paintings. However, his style is so different and modern. Simple and yet so deep.

I reproduced below the one painting that stuck with me. Actually only the composition, because the style and soft colors and feel are his and his alone. It’s just that this image is so powerful in my mind…

This is called “Choice”. Imagine the soft colors above to show a message so poignant as this. I am in awe and hope to meet him again.